When it comes to partying, everyone loves doing some crazy stuff. People go for clubbing, live music, and many other places and things to do. One of the best things to do among all of them is doing a pool party. Pool party now is a very trendy. And, it must be on the bucket list of every person. Come out of all those regular parties and get into some pool party with bar, something newer, cooler, and different compared to every clubbing night.

So, The Easton brings you a very stylish rooftop pool and lounge. You get a very nice rooftop and a large area there, with a lavish pool in between, and the most important thing is that the pool comes with a pretty bar by its side. This makes it a perfect party place. Bring all your friends, get into this lavish place, and party like there is no tomorrow. It is available for all day and night. The DJ, along with good music, shots, beer, and all those cocktails you love. All this stuff sums up and makes it the perfect lavish party for everyone.

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How to plan the best party?

When it comes to pool parties, it is the best thing to party inside a pool, as water always keeps you cool, you can dive in whenever you feel like and it is the best as it makes a very pretty vibe between the party, a good water space with warm lightings always look good.

The Easton – Rooftop, and Lounge are open every day of the week to party. They have a special event every Saturday namely ‘Splash Pool Party’ where you can enjoy a lot. There is a DJ, good music, and many drinks; you can buy as many drinks as you want from the bar which is just along the pool. And, to accompany your drinks there is some very good food.

This place indeed is the best pool party place in Fort Lauderdale, what else one would need when you are getting every pool party essential here by your side. So, one should come and bump into this place as soon as possible for them to come. By not being here, you are missing out on something really good.