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The use of AION Ranger unpopular skill

Snubbed skills 4: quiet whistle, reduce the enemy's hatred of their value. Team when you are OT, or hatred, to a quiet whisper, you can free and unfettered. This ability will give you many surprises, please use.

Snubbed skills 5: burst of trap 10 m within the scope of explosion, cause harm. This is a magic skills, influenced by growth and spell hit. Defect is need 2 seconds of 3000 dp can start, they sang some jewelry is a fatal blow and late game magic growth, it is the ultimate Ranger, wear, buy a few more holes in blue suit, does not need to be advanced, hole is more, all magic growth, jewelry selection and concentration, it doesn't break singing, and then in the deep siege, set on a few like you Ranger, find the enemy's point.

Snubbed skills 6: drop the magic arrow, range of 25 m, XXX damage to the enemy. 75% of the blue and reduce the enemy. The point is to reduce the enemy 75% blue, but can use 4000 dp, don't bargain.

Snubbed skills 7: melee range of skills, surprise attack, attack, quick cut, never cut my soul.

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The analysis of the AION Ranger unpopular skill
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