Know the difference between Inboard vs. Outboard Motors

If buying a boat is on your plan, one of the questions you need to answer is the type of engine you prefer. Whether you’re in the early phase of browsing the internet, depending on what type of boat you’re looking for, you may be observed that there are some engine types to select from. The two main types of engines are inboard and outboard. There is some difference between inboard vs outboard motors.

The major difference between the two engines is that the outboard engine is set outside of the boat generally hung by clamps at the stern of the boat. While the inboard engine is permanently set inside of the boat. And aids power a prop shaft through the hull.

Know what is an inboard motor

            The inboard engine is made up of two main parts. The first is the power head, this is the same as the engine of a car. Also, there are instances where a car engine is taken, and after minor changes, is used to drive a boat. The second is the drive shaft, which is the metal shaft that is connected to the propeller. These two work jointly to propel the boat forward. There are three various kinds of Inboard engines:

  • The true inboard engine
  • The outboard/ inboard engine
  • The jet drive

Know what is an outboard motor

            An outboard engine is a boat propulsion system that offers power to a boat. Using an engine organized on the outside hull of a boat. They can be connected to a power system and steered in bigger boats. Outboard engines can be lifted or removed fully from the boat for storage so they do not touch the water. This is a great feature if you like the engine to remove from saltwater to lessen erosion. It also aids with winterizing a boat.

Identify the main difference between Inboard vs. Outboard Motors

  • Performance
  • Before outboard engines were not quieter than inboard engines. Today it is different and provides many high-powered options.
  • Position of the engine
  • The arrangement of the engine heavily is based on what type you choose. The engine’s location is a major difference between the inboard and outboard motors.
  • Horsepower
  • A lot of inboard motors have better torque and horsepower, depending on the type of model you need.
  • Maintenance costs
  • Having annual maintenance is needed in both inboard and outboard engines. Outboard engine maintenance tends to be less costly compared to inboard engine maintenance.