Know about presentation summary slide design ideas

A summary slide, as suggested in this post, will be more valuable to your audience than a ‘Thank You’ slide. It allows the audience to review the major aspects of the presentation and offers them ideas for potential audience inquiries. Try to use executive summary slide template to know more about it.

What information should be provided on the summary slide?

  • A summary slide should incorporate the key aspects of your presentation that support the message you’re attempting to convey. You may also include your contact information, such as an email address, because people are likely to picture this slide with their phones to remember the presentation. When going through the questions and answers, keep the summary slide up.
  • When reviewing the summary, briefly explain each point and, if feasible, highlight the summary point in a different colour when discussing it. Because the audience’s attention span will have dwindled by the conclusion of your presentation, keep it as basic as feasible for them.

executive summary slide slide

Advice on design and content

  • Another idea is to hyperlink the points in your summary slide in case you are asked a question about one of them and need to quickly turn to that slide for extra information. Check with executive summary slide template
  • If visual pictures were utilised earlier in the presentation, you can include them in the summary as well. People recall visuals considerably better than they do spoken information.
  • When discussing a summary point, you can use a picture from that area of the presentation to refresh the audience’s memory.