The day-to-day work of a lawyer is more than just boring office work. There is no question that as a lawyer you first check e-mails in the morning, make phone calls, answer the post and look for the right files. Once that’s done, the morning is usually set aside for attending court dates. These are often carried out until 1 p.m., which gives you the afternoon to visit your clients or to receive them in the office. Depending on the volume of files and their whereabouts, you weigh up the effort and decide whether it makes more sense to visit clients at home or have them come to your office.

You can already see that dealing with the court and the advisory role that you assume for your clients means that you bear a great deal of responsibility. Depending on the size of the company, you will have your cases and clients shortly after starting your career. There are many cheapest law schools in California and one can happily join.

ALU Law School

 However, this independence is often only the case with small law firms or 2-man businesses. In larger law firms, you will work for your supervisor in the first two years of your permanent position and have them check your work and correct it if necessary. In general, you tend to work later in a team rather than completely alone, unless you have decided to work independently.

After graduating, be prepared for the fact that your studies and the legal profession are not 100% the same. See the study content more as a kind of hand tool that you now have to work with and derive facts from. Then nothing can go wrong in the legal profession.